Christopher Jacobs

Screenwriter / Director

co-founder of herostratus

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When autumn comes / 2022

When Autumn Comes is a feature length film about a Filipina university student studying in London. As she navigates the challenges of being a foreign student in a new country, a subdued yet uncanny relationship sparks between herself and her lecturer, Apollo.As their relationship deepens, Maria begins to notice strange occurrences happening to the people in her life. Her friends and family members start to physically transform, taking on new appearances and personalities.For the film's visual aesthetic, I utilised a minimalist approach, primarily using a Leica 25mm F1.4 MFT lens, with only a few select shots captured using a Sigma 16mm MFT F1.4 lens. This approach, which was influenced by the aesthetic of directors like Ozu and Bresson, resulted in limited camera movement throughout the whole film.This was my first attempt at making a transcendental film, so I view it as a stylistic challenge in addition to a great opportunity to learn more about the feature-length filmmaking process.For more information, please visit:


Below are the collected showreels from all of the work I’ve been involved in.
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This is the most recent work from Herostratus Films. I was involved in the production and development for all of the projects featured in this showreel.

The Herostratus showreel from 2020. This features work from the founders of Herostratus before the company was established in 2020.

An early showreel highlighting the projects I wrote and worked on during university.